Banana Chips 4 cut made in coconut oil


Banana Chips Four cut made in coconut oil 1 kg pack

Banana chips four cut is mainly used during Sadya and other celebrations , an unavoidable treat during Onam. locally sourced banana chips freshly made against orders

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Banana Chips four cut made in Pure coconut oil

  • Locally sourced Raw bananas are used for the preparation of  our banana chips
  • 250gm package
  • We remove the skin of banana and cut it into small pieces. Then we wash it in water to remove stains and other impurities on banana during peeling. Then we wash it in distilled water with turmeric and salt. This banana is kept for sometime to reduce water content on the chips. Then we fry it in 100 % pure coconut oil and later on keep in filter pan to remove excess oil on the banana.
  • We make our banana chips only after placing an order and once chips are made, it would be shipped within 12-18 hours. Our Banana chips are home made and selected and trained women in our group making it.
  • vegetarian product


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