Dark Chocolates 70% -Almond and Cashew


Dark Chocolates 70% -Almond and Cashew

Dry roasted almonds and cashews over a perfect bar of dark chocolate. A fusion of flavors  for your palate.

Tastetree  focus on natural cocoa products. Use single origin cocoa beans which are carefully selected and processed to retain the aroma and quality . We use cocoa collected directly from farmers.

The cocoa is most beneficial when minimally processed. Our cocoa products come under this class retaining the magical flavor of pure cocoa, rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, good for physical and mental health. We do not add any preservatives processing aids or flavors.



Dark Chocolates 70% -Almond and Cashew

Chocolate can be a part of a healthy diet. Like any food, the less processed it is, the better it is. In this case, more cocoa and less added fat and sugar allows us to increase our phytonutrient intake without empty calories.  Add a little cocoa to your morning coffee, oatmeal, or smoothie.  Enjoy a small piece of 60-70% dark chocolate. 



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