Sharkara varatti / Kerala Sharkkara Upperi/ Jaggery & Ghee coated Plantain


250gm pack.

Prepared in Melted ghee & Jaggery and fried in Coconut oil

Sarkara Varatti is a very popular Sweet Dish of Kerala Sadhya. Sarkara Varatti is also known as ”Sarkkara Upperi” or ”Jaggery Coated Banana Chips”. Sarkara Varatti is prepared by chopping bananas into thick pieces, deep fried and then mixed into melted jaggery. Sarkara varatti is one of the must have dishes in any sadya ( feast ) and one of the favourite snacks of Kerala.

Good quality raw bananas are used for making Sarkara varatti/ Upperi. The use of jaggery  & ghee with  the inclusion of dried ginger and cardamom imparts a sweet taste and a dark brown colour with lip-smacking aroma. 

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Sharkara varatti / Banana chips with coated Jaggery & ghee

Sharkaravaratti is a popular dish in Kerala made with raw banana and jaggery with other herbs, salt and spices to make it sweet and sour in taste.It is an unavoidable dish in sadya specially Onam Sadya.


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Weight .250 kg


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