Who we are


Tastejet was born out of an unrelenting desire to provide unadulterated food made from authentic recipes, We travel a lot and finds out best micro units to provide the same, train them, curate the recipes, test and brings to the market

The product range & services

1. Finding good food producers

We travel a lot to find out the best chef | micro unit who makes yummy and quality products.

2. Testing

We do blind taste testing with our team of testers and also lab test before taking in the recipe. Sometimes we curates the recipe if required.

3. Training

We train the micro units | vendors the standard hygienic methods of packing and making, also directs them to classes related to their field to get them updated.

4. The Final Product

Now the product is visible in our site to the customers


We represents the group of micro food producers who live with this.
Through this humble effort, we are trying to connect the two sides of a coin, the local authentic micro units; majorly run by women and the customers.
We are trying to build a culture of Good Food, free from chemicals , safe to eat and tasty.

Organic and freshly picked


Deliciously fresh


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